It’s been an exciting 2015 so far! I am working on three pieces premiering this spring:

  • Pasadena Master Chorale has commissioned a large, evening-length work that will premier on June 29th, 2015 at CalTech. Continuing the theme of Pasadena’s rich culture of arts and sciences (which was the inspiration for Curiosity), I will be using texts from the US Geological Survey (based in Pasadena) and the poetry of California poet Brenda Hillman to create a work about California’s largest earthquakes. And I will also be using Tongva (Native Americans who inhabited what is now Pasadena) poetry and exploring the unique ecosystem of Hahamongna Watershed Park, which is currently in imminent danger of being destroyed. The process of writing this piece has led me to so many interesting perspectives on Pasadena, and I am so enjoying the process of creating a work around them.
  • Colin Davin and Annie Rosen will be premiering my new song cycle for voice and guitar छूटी हुई जगह (Chuti Hui Jagah – The Space Between) this April at Tenri Cultural Center in New York. This cycle has been a long time coming for me – though I have sung extensively in Hindi, and even used ancient Hindi bandishes/bhajans in my music, this cycle marks the first time I have set modern Hindi poetry to music. The poet is the incredible Manav Kaul, a brilliant and soulful playwright from Mumbai, whose work I have admired for years. I am so excited to be working with his beautiful words.
  • I am collaborating with SOLI, an awesome San Antonio based chamber ensemble, to create music for a new production of scenes from the Mahabharata. The production will include bharatanatyam dancers as well as modern dancers, choreographed respectively by Kausi Subramaniam and Seme Jatib, working side by side to tell these ancient stories through their respective dance traditions. The production will be directed by Roberto Prestigiacomo, and will run through the first few weeks of June at AtticRep in San Antonio.

Please consult the Calendar for specific premier dates!