Hi Friends! Just a quick one to let you know that I finally caved in and have a professional page on Facebook. It's way easier [...]

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Excited to have been the subject of this mini-documentary about using technology to compose for the PC rebranding campaign PC Does What https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QuR4_dAZXL0

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Next season is shaping up to be very exciting! Here are some of the highlights: I will be doing three very different residencies next season: [...]

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What a spring it’s been! The projects I announced in the last post are almost reaching completion. I’m writing this in the midst of listening [...]

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In addition to being a composer, I am also a Co-Artistic Director of Shastra, an organization that cultivates the work of musicians who connect Indian [...]

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It's been an exciting 2015 so far! I am working on three pieces premiering this spring: Pasadena Master Chorale has commissioned a large, evening-length work [...]

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Every time the holidays roll around, I always daydream about arranging Christmas carols. This season I finally had the chance to make it happen! Last [...]

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Last Friday, I was part of a Street Symphony concert for the first time. Street Symphony is an incredible organization, made up of some of [...]

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Last week I returned from a whirlwind trip to the east coast -- we had three days of recording bansuri, sarangi and tabla for "Radha" [...]

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Welcome to my newly redesigned site, www.reenaesmail.com! We're still in the process of finishing it up (though, that is the nature of websites - they [...]

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In May, I graduated from my doctoral coursework at Yale, and relocated to Los Angeles. After thirteen years on the east coast, I'm excited to [...]

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I'm looking forward to writing original scores for two new films this season: RADHA is a new film by young Indian-American filmmaker, Rupeshi Shah, which [...]

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This spring has been quite eventful! I just got back from Los Angeles where I played piano on The Singer and The Songwriter's album release [...]

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I'm excited to be working on a few very unique projects this May: a collaboration with violist Matthew Dane - I will be writing a [...]

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So honored to be the featured composer on Marc Peloquin's piano series KeyedUp Music Project at Tenri Cultural Institute in NYC last night, and to [...]

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My TEDxSkidRow talk from September is live! I talk about singing songs on long Indian train trips, and musical identity. Watch it here!

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A wonderful new recording of my String Quartet (Ragamala) is available here. The piece was recently performed and recorded by Melanie Clapies, Jessica Oddie, Ksenia [...]

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I'm excited to be writing a new work for the Albany Symphony's chamber orchestra to be performed at the end of this season (May 2014). [...]

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September was a crazy and wonderful month! I spoke at TEDxSkidRow (will post a link to that talk as soon as it's available!) and just [...]

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Three new videos are out that feature me and/or my music! (both are available on the media page) The CULTIVATE Program (at Copland House) made [...]

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Thank you to the Flux Quartet who premiered my new String Quartet at the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival last week! The piece was performed [...]

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Next season already promises to be exciting! Performaces in Houston and Chicago, and a full concert featuring my music in New York. And I'm also [...]

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I'm excited to be writing a new piece for the Pasadena Master Chorale and my dear friend, pianist Crystal Rivette next season! The piece will [...]

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A portion of my new song cycle "Anjuman Songs" is being premiered at a wonderful event at the Ruskin Museum in Los Angeles, CA on [...]

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I guess when it rains it pours with recordings... in the past week, there have been a number of wonderful recordings of my music: Kimball [...]

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There's a new recording on the site! Jhula Jhule, my new piece for violin and piano (commissioned by MuSE Ensemble in NYC) was recorded by [...]

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I am excited to be writing for the Flux Quartet this summer, as part of the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival. My residency will be [...]

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Today is the first day of a very exciting tour of India, Singapore and Malaysia by pianist Kimball Gallagher. He will be performing my new [...]

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Two premiers of my work are coming up this weekend: On August 5th, my new work तसवीर (Tasveer), for clarinet, violin, cello and piano will [...]

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I am excited to be a part of Copland House's new program for emerging composers, CULTIVATE, this August! Read the full press release here.

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I am back in the United States after a wonderful year in India! I'm excited to be a part of so many upcoming projects for [...]

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This weekend is the west coast premier of my large choral work White Key by the incredible San Francisco-based vocal ensemble, Volti! An article about [...]

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I am incredibly honored to have been chosen to receive the Walter Hinrichsen Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters, which will involve [...]

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A short interview I did last year with the Oral History of American Music at Yale University is now available on the media page. Check [...]

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I am so honored to have been selected as one of 21 INK Fellows for the INK Conference in Jaipur, December 8-11! Also, my article [...]

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I have a number of speaking engagements coming up in the next few months! I'll be speaking at a INK Salon (the INK conference is [...]

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Moved into my new place in New Delhi for the year, have started studying Hindustani vocal music with Gaurav Mazumdar, and played tanpura in his [...]

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Heading up to Bennington, VT for a weeklong residency at Chamber Music Conference East, and the incredible Susan Botti! My new work, Silence, for chamber [...]

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I now have a MM, Composition from Yale School of Music! Thank you so much to all my incredible teachers and colleagues -- it has [...]

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Aria, my piece for Hindustani vocalist and orchestra received Yale School of Music's 2011 Ezra Laderman Prize for the best composition written for voice.

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I am excited to announce that I received a Fulbright grant to spend the 2011-2012 year studying Hindustani Classical music in India. More details to [...]

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Some exciting performances are coming up in the next month! I will be playing the piano in two pieces on the March 24th New Music [...]

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I am honored to be part of a very exciting project of conductor Tian Hui Ng and the Haverford College Chamber Singers called Recalling Ariadne. [...]

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I was honored to be invited to be a Composition Fellow at the Chamber Music Conference East this summer! Also, the recording of Aria is [...]

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My new orchestral work Aria for hindustani classical singer Meena Shivaram and the Yale Philharmonia will be premiered on December 9th, at 8PM in Sprague [...]

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Yale Daily News printed a story about Roshni, the South Asian Cultural Show, and put in a nice word for the Hindi a capella group [...]

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The new recording of my Piano Quintet from New Music New Haven is up! Listen here (it's the second recording, all the way at the [...]

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audio and video for the Indeterminacy and Improvisation concert is now up on the MUSI347 site -- check out Answering, my piece for dancers and [...]

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Reena has been commissioned by Norfolk Chamber Music Festival to write a new work for piano quintet.

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